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Migrants Healthcare

Migration of people from one country to the other has been a usual phenomenon for thousand years. In Asia, Middle East, Europe and America people are migrating in search of better living and earning. In addition there are thousands of refugees are crossing the borders due to war and calamities, How they are living in a new country, different culture, what about their health? We have found out the solution to their problems.Now they can talk to their native doctors  anytime, anywhere. Click here to explore.. 

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Renewable Energy

Energy is the driving force for the society without it development of any nation could not be thought of. About 60% of people are still out of electricity in the world. Together with partners we aim to bring new products and solution to the emerging market. We are now in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Malaysia. Click here to explore.

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Business and Relocation Consultancy

If you are looking to start your business or relocate in foreign countries. We have the right answer for you. Be it Second home, Business Visas or study. We can assist you in getting on the right way. To know more click below.

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